Blogs have become a great way to be an active part in the cyberspace. A short term for web log, a blog is a personal webpage in which you can share your views on differnet topics, upload videos and pictures, add interesting links, follow other bloggers; and many other possibilities since blogs are so versatile.
Your entries appear in chronological order- from newest to oldest- and others can make comments on them.
To create your blog for free,  you can use  different blog creation sites, such as blogger, wordpress, freewebs, or edublogs.

However, the most important thing is, that a blog has a voice of its own, that is, YOUR voice!!!!

Have a look at this video:


Linking people

When thinking about how to give a definition about what the web 2.0 is,and what it represents to us, I came across this video on youtube.
It explains how web 2.0 tools allow us to add content to the net and become part of the world wide web instead of being spectators or recepients. The web 2.0 is flexible, movable, we can adapt it to our needs. It emphasises the possibilities of sharing, interacting and collaborating. Information is generated by users, unlike web 1.0,  in which sites and webmasters provided the information that was available on the net.  As the author of the video says, we’re the web2.0.

Web 2.0 in the classroom

I’m an EFL graduate teacher from Argentina. I’m currently working – and hope I’ll still be for many years to come – at a state public school. I’ve been teaching English for eleven years both at public and private schools and academies.
Having worked with blogs for a little while and, to tell the truth, not knowing very much about them or other web 2.0 tools and applications; I’ve decided I’ll try to learn as much as I can about this wonderful and fascinating world in which we can play an active role in adding content to the world wide web, and not just be mere spectators.
I’ll use this blog as my personal journal, where I’ll display what I learn.
I’ll start with some useful tutorials and definitions which helped me grasp what all this web 2.0 stuff is about.